Scarf Style Inspiration ~ How To Layer With An Infinity Scarf

Today’s scarf style inspiration ūüí≠¬†is from fashion blogger Julia who I first came across on Instagram.


You can easily spruce up your outfit by layering it with an infinity scarf. Here Julia combines the classic black and white combo with a blue and black patterned scarf. She completes the ensemble with black and silver accessories as well. A black purse and a skinny black belt accent the outfit beautifully. Silver jewelry including a braided bangle, minimal earrings and rings finish the look. Add wayfarers on a sunny day!  


Black pumps let you make this outfit office ready. For a more formal look add a black blazer.

 You can find Julia at her blog House of Comil and on Instagram @JuliaComil



Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice

Pumpkin Spice

Did someone say pumpkin spice? Yup, it is that time of the year. Even though it is officially fall season, here in Toronto we have had hot summer like weather for a week now (not that I mind the bonus Indian summer days!). But it has finally cooled down and actually feels like fall. For this fall ensemble, I have gone with a brown and burgundy color theme. The sweater with the beautiful back detail just screams fall. I paired it with gray jeans and burgundy booties. Then I layered the outfit with a plaid blanket scarf and a gold bird necklace from our shop. The brown bucket handbag is added for all your¬†knick knacks. This pumpkin spice look won’t be complete without a cute coffee mug. Also, how adorable is that burgundy pumpkin? Happy Weekend!

Brown top
41 CAD¬†–¬†

Gray jeans
62 CAD¬†–¬†

Forever 21 burgundy bootie
37 CAD¬†–¬†

Purses crossbody
50 CAD¬†–¬†

Bird on a leaf necklace
22 CAD Р

Red plaid blanket scarf
50 CAD Р

Henri Bendel drinkware
38 CAD¬†–¬†

Pumpkin Boutique Medium Foam Pumpkin-Red
25 CAD¬†–¬†

How To Wear Burgundy

Fall In Burgundy
Add a punch of burgundy to your outfit this fall. You can add it through your accessories for a subtle look such as a scarf or shoes or bag. For a bolder look, make your outfit stand out with a burgundy jacket, pants or shirt. Here we have added burgundy to the outfit with the jacket and the blanket scarf. The main outfit is kept casual with a gray sweater and skinny jeans. Fall will not be complete without suede! Suede booties and a tassel handbag in a neutral tan color complement the outfit. Gold goes perfectly with this warm fall color. You can accent your outfit with simple gold necklace like our birds necklace to add the finishing touches. Hope everyone is having a great Friday. Have a happy weekend!

Gold bird necklace
20 CAD Р

Plaid Blanket scarf
39 CAD Р

Cotton shirt
20 CAD¬†–¬†

Greylin blazer jacket
39 CAD¬†–¬†

High waisted skinny jeans
66 CAD¬†–¬†

Peep-toe shoes
59 CAD¬†–¬†

Grey purse
62 CAD¬†–¬†

How To Layer for Work In Summer

Office wear during summer can be tricky sometimes. It is nice and hot outside and you decide to wear that great summer outfit to work. Then you enter the chilly office….brrr. I hate feeling cold inside when the sun is shining¬†so bright!

Layering in summer. Yes that can be the perfect solution for both men and women to stay comfortable and fashionable at work during summer.

With casual office wear becoming more and more acceptable at work, it has become easier to be both comfy and chic.

I have come up with some layering ideas to easily switch between the summer sun and the chilly office.

Layering Options For Women

Summer Office Wear

I have paired a peach blouse that can be tucked into the gray culottes with four layering options for summer office wear. These options will transition you easily from the outdoor heat to the arctic tundra inside!

Option 1: Gray Jacket

Layer your blouse with a jacket for a more formal look that is still comfortably chic. The gray jacket is not too formal but gives you that professional look while keeping you warm and comfy.

Option 2: Black Kimono

A kimono is perfect for a loose unstructured look. This black kimono will add depth and warmth to our outfit while keeping it work appropriate.

Option 3: Black Vest

If you are cold but not too cold a vest could be the perfect layering option. This belted black vest takes chic to the next level while giving you a great layering option.

Option 4: Summer Scarf

This navy floral infinity scarf can be paired with any of the above options or on its own for a chic, layered look. A scarf will give you that extra layer of cozy for those cold air conditioned offices when you are just slightly feeling the chill.

Add a few more accessories including the flats (Tory Burch), necklace (Fashionelle Studio) & and tote (Topshop) and you are all set for work!

Layering Options For Men

Summer Office Wear

Here I have paired a simple navy blue t-shirt from Tommy John and black pants from Topman with some great layering options to make it work appropriate for those chilly offices during summer! If your office prefers a more formal look, just replace the t-shirt with a collared shirt.

Option 1 : Vest

If you are feeling a little cold but don’t want to wear full sleeves, a vest can be a great choice. It will give you the right amount of coziness and at the same time creating a chic, fashionable look.

Option 2: Sports Jacket/Blazer

Go for a more formal look by layering with a sports jacket or blazer. Easy peasy to take the blazer off in the summer heat.

Option 3: Collar Knit Jacket

More informal that a sports jacket, this knit jacket has a casual, unstructured look. The collar keeps it a little more conservative. Again easy enough to take if off when stepping outside.

Option 4: Cardigan

Last but not the least, a button down cardigan can help make your outfit look professional and at the same time help you deal with the office AC.


Share your tips with us! Besides layering how do you stay warm at work with the AC blasting?

Fashion Friday Humour

I have been missing in action from my blog for a while now. Things were a¬†little hectic with my etsy shop (which is a good thing!)¬†plus all the family get togethers during the holiday season kept me pretty busy. So the blog has been off my radar. What’s better than to start the year with some¬†fashion humour! Happy Friday everyone.

accessories floral

Layering In Fall

Lattes, boots, pumpkins and scarves! Fall season is upon us and so the layering can begin! A scarf is a perfect accessory to layer your outfit in fall.

A burgundy crop top and black skinny jeans is what this particular look is built upon. It is layered with a burgundy plaid infinity scarf. A bomber jacket is added to warm you up for those cool fall days. A fringe cross body bag, suede boots and a celtic knot necklace complete the layered look.

Lattes, boots, pumpkins & scarves

Maurices chiffon top
38 CAD¬†–¬†

Lace crop top
13 CAD¬†–¬†

Maurices moto jacket
77 CAD¬†–¬†

Maurices stretch pants
51 CAD¬†–¬†

Maurices shoes
44 CAD¬†–¬†

Rebecca Minkoff brown purse

Gold necklace
26 CAD Р

Circle scarf
27 CAD Р

How To Wear Coral In Fall

Coral, a popular summer color can be worn in fall easily by combining it with a neutral color. The summer coral blouse is layered with a grey jacket. Add a pair of boots to make it fall appropriate. These gray suede ankle boots work perfectly with the outfit. The same gray color is picked up in the textured cross body handbag. A printed coral infinity scarf that complements the blouse makes it perfect for fall weather. Add some cute jewelry like this bird necklace to complete the look. Add jeans for an informal look or replace them with a pair of pants for a great work outfit.
Happy Friday and happy Halloween everyone!
Coral & Fall

Maurices red shirt
28 CAD¬†–¬†

Maurices blazer
58 CAD¬†–¬†

Maurices plus size pants
41 CAD¬†–¬†

Maurices gray boots
44 CAD¬†–¬†

Maurices crossbody handbag
26 CAD¬†–¬†

For The Scarf Obsessed

Scarf lover

How To Wear Scarves In Fall ~ Celebrity Version

Fall is well under way here in Toronto. The season for scarfs, boots and all sorts of layering is finally here.

I have chosen 10 celebrities fall look that have been accessorized with a scarf.

Taylor Swift in a plaid poncho and a green scarf with pom pom ends. Her jeans pick up the color in the scarf while her boots compliment her poncho effortlessly. Her look describes fall fashion perfectly.


Ashley Tinsdale pulls off white jeans in this fall outfit. Monochromatic greys and white canvas shoes complete her look. She layers her outfit with a chunky knit scarf.


Blake Lively goes for an all black look adding pattern and texture with her fall jacket. She accents her ensemble with teal color through her scarf and handbag.


Selena Gomez accents her black and white look with a chunky knit infinity scarf. A touch of blue is added through the handbag to her casual fall outfit.


Hillary Duff highlights her autumn outfit with a chunky white scarf, red handbag and lipstick.


Beyonce is fashionable even while being pregnant with her turquoise accents on a black canvas.


Blake Lively makes the list again with her plaid infinity scarf in flannel with a matching sweater layered with a bomber jacket.


Jessica Alba pulls of scarves effortlessly with her looks all through the year. A chunky oversized knit sweater in gray and white is paired with a gray infinity scarf for a cozy, layered look.


Gwyneth Paltrow pairs her jeans with grays in her scarf, jacket and boots for a chic fall look.

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Kim Kardashian goes for a great fall look layered with a denim jacket and a chunky jersey scarf. Her studded pumps, quilted handbag and leather pants add some sass to her look.

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