How To Layer for Work In Summer

Office wear during summer can be tricky sometimes. It is nice and hot outside and you decide to wear that great summer outfit to work. Then you enter the chilly office….brrr. I hate feeling cold inside when the sun is shining so bright!

Layering in summer. Yes that can be the perfect solution for both men and women to stay comfortable and fashionable at work during summer.

With casual office wear becoming more and more acceptable at work, it has become easier to be both comfy and chic.

I have come up with some layering ideas to easily switch between the summer sun and the chilly office.

Layering Options For Women

Summer Office Wear

I have paired a peach blouse that can be tucked into the gray culottes with four layering options for summer office wear. These options will transition you easily from the outdoor heat to the arctic tundra inside!

Option 1: Gray Jacket

Layer your blouse with a jacket for a more formal look that is still comfortably chic. The gray jacket is not too formal but gives you that professional look while keeping you warm and comfy.

Option 2: Black Kimono

A kimono is perfect for a loose unstructured look. This black kimono will add depth and warmth to our outfit while keeping it work appropriate.

Option 3: Black Vest

If you are cold but not too cold a vest could be the perfect layering option. This belted black vest takes chic to the next level while giving you a great layering option.

Option 4: Summer Scarf

This navy floral infinity scarf can be paired with any of the above options or on its own for a chic, layered look. A scarf will give you that extra layer of cozy for those cold air conditioned offices when you are just slightly feeling the chill.

Add a few more accessories including the flats (Tory Burch), necklace (Fashionelle Studio) & and tote (Topshop) and you are all set for work!

Layering Options For Men

Summer Office Wear

Here I have paired a simple navy blue t-shirt from Tommy John and black pants from Topman with some great layering options to make it work appropriate for those chilly offices during summer! If your office prefers a more formal look, just replace the t-shirt with a collared shirt.

Option 1 : Vest

If you are feeling a little cold but don’t want to wear full sleeves, a vest can be a great choice. It will give you the right amount of coziness and at the same time creating a chic, fashionable look.

Option 2: Sports Jacket/Blazer

Go for a more formal look by layering with a sports jacket or blazer. Easy peasy to take the blazer off in the summer heat.

Option 3: Collar Knit Jacket

More informal that a sports jacket, this knit jacket has a casual, unstructured look. The collar keeps it a little more conservative. Again easy enough to take if off when stepping outside.

Option 4: Cardigan

Last but not the least, a button down cardigan can help make your outfit look professional and at the same time help you deal with the office AC.


Share your tips with us! Besides layering how do you stay warm at work with the AC blasting?


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