How To Wear Scarves In Fall ~ Celebrity Version

Fall is well under way here in Toronto. The season for scarfs, boots and all sorts of layering is finally here.

I have chosen 10 celebrities fall look that have been accessorized with a scarf.

Taylor Swift in a plaid poncho and a green scarf with pom pom ends. Her jeans pick up the color in the scarf while her boots compliment her poncho effortlessly. Her look describes fall fashion perfectly.


Ashley Tinsdale pulls off white jeans in this fall outfit. Monochromatic greys and white canvas shoes complete her look. She layers her outfit with a chunky knit scarf.


Blake Lively goes for an all black look adding pattern and texture with her fall jacket. She accents her ensemble with teal color through her scarf and handbag.


Selena Gomez accents her black and white look with a chunky knit infinity scarf. A touch of blue is added through the handbag to her casual fall outfit.


Hillary Duff highlights her autumn outfit with a chunky white scarf, red handbag and lipstick.


Beyonce is fashionable even while being pregnant with her turquoise accents on a black canvas.


Blake Lively makes the list again with her plaid infinity scarf in flannel with a matching sweater layered with a bomber jacket.


Jessica Alba pulls of scarves effortlessly with her looks all through the year. A chunky oversized knit sweater in gray and white is paired with a gray infinity scarf for a cozy, layered look.


Gwyneth Paltrow pairs her jeans with grays in her scarf, jacket and boots for a chic fall look.

2de1ba45022c0d4334006d083601eb76 (1)

Kim Kardashian goes for a great fall look layered with a denim jacket and a chunky jersey scarf. Her studded pumps, quilted handbag and leather pants add some sass to her look.

0d317cc2be191c4474b79cd27a15a342 (1)

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