How To Wear Scarves In Summer (Part 2)

Summer does not have to be a scarf free season. Scarves in summer can be used for that added warmth on a cool summer morning or night. Layering with a lightweight scarf can add a certain je ne sais quoi to your outfit. We have eight different ways to use a scarf to style your outfit this summer.

Try out this great summer look. A minimalist  dress paired with a scarf tucked into an obi belt. All the colors in this ensemble complement each other effortlessly. The marsala lipstick and the floppy hat add the right amount of pizzazz.


To get cozy on those cool summer nights, layer your summer skirt with a denim jacket and an infinity scarf.


For those cool ocean breezes add a little warmth with an infinity scarf. This maxi skirt and white blouse combination is layered with a blue infinity scarf for a great coordinated look.


For a unique summer, look drape a scarf across your shoulder for a casual chic look.


Summer mornings sometimes can be a little cool so add a floral scarf to a plain colorful t-shirt before getting that coffee.


To dress up a simple jeans and shirt combo, add an infinity scarf to add some personality. Instead of looping it twice just wear it long.


A lightweight scarf can help to add a pop of color to your basic white tank top. Match your purse to one of the colors in the scarf for a great summer ensemble.


For a boho chic look try this look this summer. A crochet top, layered necklaces and a bold cuff bracelet combined with an infinity scarf couldn’t say boho better.


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