How To Wear Summer Scarves ~ Celebrity Version

Scarves are year round accessories that can be easily used in summer to style up your outfit. Celebrities are using this versatile accessory to layer their look during summer as well. Here are a few who have pulled off an amazing look with summer scarves.

Gigi Hadid‘s look is so unique and uber fashionable. The red printed scarf is belted on one side. The pattern on pattern works great. The striped black and white shirt is paired with the fringed skirt. Layered necklaces, bold leaf bracelet, hoop earrings, buckled belt and panama hat seamlessly work together to create an awesome summer look.

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Jessica Alba is styling a summer scarf in a bright southwestern print over a simple black blouse and jeans. The studded cowboy boots finish off the outfit.

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Stacy Kiebler‘s cool summer look consists of a blue eyelet dress, a pink scarf and a panama hat. Look at those legs!


Hillary Duff has paired with a simple white t-shirt with a beautiful floral scarf. A half updo looks perfect with the delicate printed scarf.


Rosie Huntington sports a nude colored dress paired with a scarf in a textured scarf in a similar color. The black belt sitting on her hips with a black purse and ankle boots accessorize her chic outfit.


Selena Gomez‘s airport attire is perfectly accessorized with a black and white knit infinity scarf for those chilly airplanes.


Socialite Olivia Palermo is strutting the belted scarf that is so popular this year. Both the prints on the scarf and dress complement each other effortlessly.


Jaime King is looking glam in the neutral toned dress. The pop of colors are provided with the scarf, lipstick and shoes and easily style up the outfit.


Printed pink jeans and a white cotton blouse is accented with a grey lightweight scarf. White canvas shoes and purse accessorize the outfit for a casual chic look on the Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio.


Super model Cindy Crawford looks amazing in a denim shirt paired with a lightweight scarf in various shades of blue. The white jeans and hints of brown in the sandals, belt and purse completes the whole ensemble.


Which one is your favourite?

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