Paris With Etsy

My husband and I took a trip of a lifetime to Europe two years ago. We went on a tour and visited seven countries starting in Paris  and ending in Amsterdam. And wait for the cliche….I fell in love with Paris. It just happened. Some of my favourite memories from Paris include walking alongside the square shaped trees, seeing the Eiffel Tower sparkle during the light show, eating freshly made chocolate crepes and taking a gazillion pictures!

DSC01013      DSC01096      DSC01104

I didn’t know of Etsy then. For those who don’t know, Etsy it is an online marketplace of handmade and vintage goods. My sister introduced me to Etsy last year and within a few weeks I opened my little shop there. If I were to go to Paris again here are 16 items that would be in my travel bag. All are handmade and vintage items for some great shops on Etsy.


  1. A handmade clutch from G.Malou Designs

  2. Vintage Leather Jacket from Paint Your Wagon

  3. Modern Tourmaline Earrings from By Jodi

  4. Grey Summer Blouse from Pig Pig Cow

  5. Upcycled T-shirt Dress from Ohzie

  6. Vintage Levi Shorts from Filthy Rebena

  7. Paris Map Passport Cover from Efratul

  8. Gemstone Triangle Necklace from Lowe Lowe Jewelry

  9. Cactus Print Phone Case from Sonia Cavallini

  10. Nude Lace Dress from LAL Couture

  11. White Tote from Alfa Studio

  12. Sheer Summer Kimono from Everly Style

  13. Boho Bracelet from Loulalalou

  14. Crochet Necklace from 100 Crochet Necklaces

  15. Lace Infinity Scarf from Three Dressy

  16. Ballet Flats from The White Ribbon

Which one is your favourite?

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