How To Wear Headscarves Like Celebrities

Jennifer Lopez looks stunning in the white jumpsuit with messy waves and a chic head scarf.


Paris Hilton strutting her gypsy look with a sequined gold head scarf.


Rihanna looks cute as a button with that polka dot head scarf tied in a bow.


Even Kim Kardashian has gone for the bohemian look with a wide printed head scarf around her forehead.


Eva Mendez in a lace dress paired with a black turban headscarf.


Victoria Beckham dressed in all black with her hair in a bun and a black and white printed headscarf.


A retro 70s style headscarf on Reese Witherspoon looks just perfect.

J-Lo yet again looking fabulous in a snake print head scarf with an updo.


A beautiful silk scarf tied behind the head in a simple knot combined with a white t-shirt does the trick for Nicole Richie.


Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio easily pulls off the hippie chick look with a scarf tied around her head and let loose to hang on the side.


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