How To Make Boho Sandals Using A Scarf This Summer

There are a lot of DIY fashion projects on the internet. Some look doable and others I wouldn’t even think of trying on my own. If you are looking for a rainy day DIY or a simply a summer project give these scarf sandals a go. You can create your own boho chic sandals using an old scarf that is probably collecting dust in your closet. All you need is a pair of scissors, flip-flops and an old scarf.


Instructions for the pictorial:

  1. Select a scarf. A thin, lightweight scarf would do the trick.

  2. Cut the scarf in half with a pair of scissors. At this point if you would like to sew the hems of the two pieces you can. If not, make sure you use an old scarf that will not fray easily once cut.

  3. Fold each part in half.

  4. Slip the folded piece through the front thong of the sandal.

  5. Make a knot by threading the open sides of the scarf piece through the loop.

  6. Separate the two open parts. One for each side of the sandal strap.

  7. Wrap each side of the straps. Put a drop of glue at the ends of the strap to secure the scarf to the strap if needed.

  8. Crisscross the scarf behind around your ankles. Then wrap it around the ankles a few times depending on the length of the scarf. You can also crisscross it in the front to create your own unique style. Tie a bow and you are done!

What DIY fashion project have you tried making? Share it with us in the comments below.

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