7 Cute Ways To Wear Eyelet This Summer

Summer is officially around the corner. As the weather continues to heats up you can cool off in some cute eyelet clothes. Here are seven ways you can make eyelet pattern work for you. Which one is your favourite?

As An Off Shoulder Dress

Nothing says more cute than an off shoulder dress. Add some frills to the dress and it just takes cute to another level. With some messy waves for your hair you can pull this all white look easily.


As Shorts

This casual yet chic eyelet shorts can be combined with a white blouse or to add a pop of color wear it with a colored top. That is the beauty of white. You can literally match it with any hue imaginable.


As A Crop Top

If this crop top paired with a lemon printed skirt is not cute then I don’t know what is! This summer wear a plain blouse with patterned bottoms to achieve this great funย look.


As A Romper

This sleek romper is a greatย example of casual chic. Add some gold jewelry and accessorize with a colored handbag for a fun, bold look. You can also go forย a neutral look with a tan bag and downplaying the colors with a simple turquoise ring.


As A Flared Dress

Monochrome does not have to be boring. Don’t be afraid to match! This latte colored flared dress is paired with a belt and shoes in darker browns to create this stunning look.


As A Blouse or Shirt

The classic black and white combo is back in full swing. Pair a white eyelet blouse with a black midi skirt for a cute formal look. Perfect attire for work.


As A Flared Mini Skirt

Eyelet does not always have to be casual. You can create a formal going out look with a sheer blouse and a flared eyelet skirt. You can be cute and sexy at the same time!

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