How To Create Your Own Fringe Scarf ~ No Sewing Required

For this easy DIY project all you need is a jersey T-shirt and a pair of scissors. It is important to note the material of the shirt matters. Jersey material does not require sewing as it does not unravel easily once you cut it. When choosing a T-shirt keep this in mind.

To create the fringe scarf, the first step is to cut the T-shirt horizontally just below the sleeves. You will end of with a square shaped cloth. Then cut the T-shirt vertically one third way up from the bottom of the shirt to create the fringe effect. Once complete pull each fringe. This helps to curl the edges of the fringe to give a neater look without any sewing. And voila you are done! What is left is to wear it around your neck.


 Image Source: Pinterest

Is there a DIY project you would like to share with us? Add it in the comments!

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