How To Turn Your Scarf Into A Crop Top, Vest Or A Skirt

I have included three pictorials on how to use a scarf to create a crop top, vest or a skirt. I personally would like to try to create the vest. Which one is your favourite style?

 As A Crop Top  

This pictorial created by Wonder Forest shows you how to turn a simple linen scarf into a crop top. The black and white crop top looks rather chic. You could wear the scarf as a crop top as shown in the pictorial or on top of a plain strapless dress to spice it up. Just make sure to secure it properly so that there is no Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction moment!

d1c5ace21757faeb9508ace387461be0 (1)

 As A Vest

The other day I was making my weekly run to the post office to mail off a few of our scarves and saw someone wearing a scarf vest. It can be a creative way to layer your outfit this summer.


As A Skirt

I love the ruched effect that is created by twisting the scarf in the front of this mini skirt. At the back I really like the asymmetrical hem line as well which is trending these days. Make sure to secure the skirt properly for a successful night out.


 Image Source: Pinterest

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