How To Wear Blanket Scarves

Although it is spring season now, it is still a little chilly here in Toronto. If you want to skip the heavy winter jacket but still want an extra layer of coziness, a scarf can do the trick. Blanket scarves have been making waves this past winter but can also be perfect for cool spring days.


Layer it with a cardigan, sweater or jacket to provide that extra bit of warmth and loads of style.


Although blanket scarves look amazing they can be tricky to wear. Here is a great link that shows you step by step on how to wear a blanket scarf three different ways.


If you like the look and warmth of a blanket scarf but want to skip the fuss of figuring out how to wear them or just need a quick, fashionable look, try a plaid infinity scarf. Just wrap it around your neck twice and you have an instant, chic look that will keep you cozy as well.

Which one is right for you?

Image Source: Pinterest

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