Trip To Grand Canyon

My husband and I recently took a day trip to Grand Canyon. We visited the west rim of the Grand Canyon which is on an Indian reserve. We had some concerns for not visiting the south rim located in the Grand Canyon Park. However, we were not dissapointed. The views here were simply breathtaking. The immense vastness of the Grand Canyon was moving. It was a great reminder that we humans are such a small part of this world.


The reserve had a lot of ravens waiting for the right moment to nibble at the food given by the tourists.


You can see the Colorado river meandering through the canyon and how red the soil was in some places.


I was instantly drawn to the minimalism and the beauty of the desert landscape. You can see the canyons far out in the background in this picture. I have heard of Agave syrup and I got to see the actual Agave plant from where the syrup comes from.DSC06986-001

The reserve also featured a Native American Village where you get walk through and tour how the Indians used to live. This was one of their dwellings made out of mud and wood.


That blip in the sky was a helicopter. You could take helicopter tours of the Grand Canyon. We choose to experience the canyon on foot this time. When we visit the Grand Canyon again maybe we will try the helicopter tour.


This panoramic view tries to capture the sheer vastness of the canyon. The Grand Canyon truly is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. We had a great time and would love to go back again.

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